Most of the matches in La Liga are played on Sunday evening, some of them on Saturday, and in some cases there can be matches on Monday night. The Liga de Fútbol Profesional (LFP) confirms the exactly date and time of all the matches around 8 days before they are played.

In case you purchase tickets in Spain Tickets Online, we will send you an e-mail as soon as the matchs details are confirmed.

In spite of getting to know the match details just a week before they are played, LFP publishes in the middle of July the weekends in which every clash will take place. The weekend only changes in case of bad weather, overlap of matches or due to a suspension.


What you are seeing below is like seeing gold but in football: a FC Barcelona match ticket. If you get one of these tickets (you can book them at our website) you will enjoy an unforgettable day at the Camp Nou. But, wait! Barça’s stadium is very big: it has capacity for 100.000 spectators, so we’ll help you to find your seat easily.

To get started, take your tickets before going to the Camp Nou and keep them safe in order to avoid any trouble once you arrive at the stadium.

Once you have reached the Camp Nou, take your ticket and look for the written access number (“ACCÉS” in Catalan). The access numbers are indicated on vertical panels around the entire stadium: go to yours. There, show the ticket (but do not validate it yet).

Once you got inside the grounds of the Camp Nou, look for your gate’s number (see “PORTA”, in your ticket) and go through it. You’ll validate your ticket there.

You are in the stadium of Barça, and you’ll reach a corridor with entrances to the seats. Look for the section where you have to go (the number is specified in “BOCA”).

At the entrance of each section (“BOCA”) there are stairs with seats in the sides. See your seat number (“SEIENT”) and depending on if it is even nor odd, you have to go one side or the other.

Once you’ve reached the section, see in “FILA” the row in which your seat is situated.

When you’ve found your row, look at your seat (“SEIENT”) again, seat down on it and enjoy a spectacular match!





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The tickets bought at our website will be delivered always before 13:00 on the event day. The exact time depends on the type of event you are going to.



- La Liga football matches: the delivery of the tickets is during the week of the match, within Saturday at 1 pm. The tickets can also be picked up the day of the match (8.30 am – 8.30 pm) at the Tourism Office in Plaça Catalunya (Barcelona).
- European competitions and matches on weekdays: tickets are delivered the day of the match by 1 pm. You can also pick up your tickets at the Tourism Office in Plaça Catalunya (Barcelona) from 8.30 am until 8.30 pm.


- La Liga Football matches: tickets are delivered to Madrid during the week of match, before Saturday by 2 pm. You can also pick up your tickets the day of the match from 12 pm at the Pick Up Point – iNEO Tourism Office (Calle Carlos III, n. 1, Madrid).

- European competitions and middle week matches: the delivery of the tickets is in Madrid the day of the match before 2 pm. The tickets can also be collected the day of the match at the Pick Up Point – iNEO Tourism Office (Calle Carlos III, n. 1, Madrid).


- The tickets must be collected during the day of the match at the museum of Atlético de Madrid (Paseo de la Virgen del Puerto, 67, Madrid).


- The tickets must be collected at the ticket office which is in the stadium (from 2 hours before the match).



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The Liga de Fútbol Profesional (LFP) publishes every year in the middle of July, the fixtures for La Liga. From that, we just know in which week the matches take place but not the exact day and time of them, which are published around a week before the match since it depends on television agreements.

The week or weekend in which the matches take place, is hardly ever modified, but there are some cases in which it could happen.

One of the main reasons why a match could be suspended is a bad weather, which will make it impossible to play safely. Weather problems usually occur during the winter.

To postpone La Liga matches, another reason could be the overlap of matches of different competitions like the European ones which makes it more difficult to find a date for La Liga matches and usually these are the ones to be called off.

As well as these reasons, there are other less frequent motives that could cause a match to call off, but the suspension is always the last alternative to take.

If in the end a match is suspended, both the new date and time will be published several weeks before it takes place.

When are La Liga matches played?

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The Liga de Fútbol Profesional (LFP) publish every year the fixtures for La Liga in the middle of July. From that day we know which teams will face each other in every match of the league and also the week and the stadium in which the matches will take place. However, the exact day and hour of the matches are fixed just a week or so before the match because of television agreements.

La Liga matches are played on:

-          Weekends (usually): Saturday, Sunday and one match on Monday.

-          Weekdays (sometimes): Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

The teams that compete in European tournaments usually play La Liga matches on the weekend and not on Mondays. Barcelona and Real Madrid are two of these teams.

The times at which the matches take place vary depending on the season or the period of the league, but they are similar every year. La Liga 2011-2012 match times were these:


6 pm

8 pm

10 pm


12 am

6 pm

7 / 8 pm

9.30 pm


9 pm


The weekend (or the weekday) on which the matches are due to be played is fixed in the middle of July and it is not usually modified except if there are weather problems, matches of other competitions or other causes that make it impossible to play the match. The date of the delayed match will then be published several weeks before its takes place.


Enjoy the Bernabeu Tour!

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Would you like to visit all the hidden corners of the Santiago Bernabeu? Would you like to discover the best moments of Real Madrid’s history? You can do just this: book your Tour Bernabeu tickets!

The Bernabeu Tour visit includes different parts.

The first part of the tour is the panoramic view of the stadium. You will take one of the 8 panoramic lifts of the Santiago Bernabeu and you will see it from the top.

Then you will visit the trophy room, in which you will see all the cups won by the best club of the XXth century. Moreover, you will see images of the best moments and the historical kits of the club.

Then you will walk around the pitch, where you will be able to see just how spectacular the stadium is from the ground.

The next part is the visit to the Presidential Balcony, the place in which every match the authorities and the special guests sit.

After this you will reach the player’s tunnel, benches and coaching area, in which you will feel like a Real Madrid staff member.

The next stage is the visit to the visitor’s dressing room. Santiago Bernabeu’s dressing rooms are one of the most modern in the world. You will feel there the same emotion as the players do before the matches.

Then you will get to the press room, where players and coaches talk after the matches.

At the end of the tour you will arrive at the store, in which you will be able to buy any Real Madrid object you want.

If you are excited just reading, imagine experiencing it: buy now your tickets for the Tour Bernabeu!


Take the Camp Nou Experience!

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Would you like to make your Camp Nou visit unforgettable? Would you like to discover the best moments of Barcelona’s history? Don’t give it a second thought and visit the Camp Nou Experience: experience Barça like never before!

The Camp Nou Experience includes the visit to the Museum, the visit to the Camp Nou, and the new Multimedia area of the stadium. Each of the parts of the Camp Nou Experience has a lot of surprises for you, and all of them will make your Camp Nou visit incredible.

The route of the Camp Nou Experience starts at the ‘Museu Blaugrana’ (Barça’s Museum), in which you will get to know all of Barça’s history since the club was founded up to  the last title they won. Since it was remodeled in 2010, the first floor of the ‘Museu’ has become the most spectacular part of the museum. It has some interactive murals, large-format audiovisuals and other objects that help you to understand Barça’s history.

Once you have visited the first floor of the museum, you will discover other special places and secrets of the Camp Nou. You will visit the grandstand; see the press boxes; cross the player’s tunnel as Messi, Xavi and the other players do every match; see the pitch; the changing rooms; the zone where players are interviewed; the press room; and the rest of the stadium.

Then, you will get to the Multimedia Area, where you will find the best moments of FC Barcelona’s history.

Find the best rates for the Camp Nou Experience on our website: http://www.spainticketsonline.es/en/camp-nou-tour-tickets-1797.html Prices: 16,50 € for kids; 19 € for adults… ¡They are cheaper than at the FC Barcelona ticket office!

Visit the thrilling Camp Nou Experience, you will never forget it!





Catalonia Goya Hotel (hrs.com)

Do you want to come to Madrid to see a live Real Madrid match and you need a hotel to stay at? We offer you all of this in the same package: tickets for Santiago Bernabeu + stay in a hotel! These are the hotels we recommend:

-          Catalonia Puerta del Sol (4*): hotel situated in one of the most important zones of Madrid, beside the popular Puerta del Sol, and close to the most attractive places of the city. Moreover, it is well-connected with the rest of Madrid by ‘Tirso de Molina’ and ‘Puerta del Sol’ metro stations and ‘Puerta del Sol’ Renfe train station.

-          Catalonia Goya (4*): hotel located in the ‘heart’ of Madrid, very near to the spectacular Parque del Buen Retiro. It is a hotel with a modern interior and a charm to it that seems old, and this is what makes it even more special. Catalonia Goya hotel is near to ‘Velázquez’ and ‘Goya’ metro stations.

-          Rafael Ventas (4*): hotel situated in the commercial ‘Alcalá’ street in Madrid, just a few minutes away from Las Ventas Bullring. This is a welcoming and luminous hotel comfortably connected with the rest of the city by ‘El Carmen’ metro station.

-          NH Embajada (3*): this is the perfect hotel for people who love culture. It is located in the museums zone of Madrid, very close to ‘Plaza de Colón’ and ‘Paseo de la Castellana’. It has a special charm from the first decade of the XX century and it is connected with the rest of the city by ‘Alonso Martínez’ metro station.

-          Ibis C/ Valentín Beato (2*): recently built hotel located in the suburbs of Madrid, just 2.5 miles from Barajas Airport and 5.6 miles from the center of the Spanish capital. ‘Suanzes’ metro station is just a few minutes walking from the hotel.

All these hotels are also comfortably connected with the Santiago Bernabeu stadium, so if you stay in them you can enjoy a wonderful stay in Madrid, as well as a great match at the Bernabeu. Reserve now the package (tickets + hotel stay) of your choice!


RCD Mallorca tickets

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Do you want tickets for RCD Mallorca matches?

The stadium of RCD Mallorca, the Iberostar Estadi, holds over 23,000 spectators. 15,000 of all these seats are for club members and many of the other seats are put on sale for the general public (non-members).

Iberostar Estadi is divided into 5 different areas. From the least to the most expensive these are the areas: ‘fondo’ (goal), ‘sol alta’ (side stand-upper), ‘sol baja’ (side stand-lower), ‘tribuna descubierta’ (grandstand-uncovered) and ‘tribuna cubierta’ (grandstand-covered). There are reduced rates for children between 4 and 14.Ticket prices for matches played by RCD Mallorca in the Iberostar Stadium vary depending on the category.

There are 5 different match categories with different prices: “A”, “B” and “C”. The highest price is for games in which Mallorca face the best teams, like FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. The matches classified as category “B” have a medium price and the matches listed as “C” are the cheapest.

Mallorca tickets can be bought using the following distribution channels:

-         Official RCD Mallorca website

-        RCD  Mallorca General Ticket Office

Ticket purchases cannot be cancelled once reserved and paid for.


SpainTicketsOnline sells tickets for RCD Mallorca matches at the Iberostar Stadium. The prices can sometimes be slightly higher but they have the added convenience that they can be booked in advance and that you can choose the area of ​​the stadium you want to sit in, in an easy and safe process. We also sell packages (tickets + hotel stay).

Atletico Madrid tickets

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How to get tickets for Atletico Madrid matches?

Vicente Calderon stadium holds 55.000 spectators and just 10.000 are for general public and for members without seats. If you are general public you don’t have discount when booking your tickets and the maximum number of tickets you can purchase is 10. If you buy tickets for pairs or groups of less than 10 people your providers will try to seat all of you together but this is not guaranteed as it depends on availability.

Ticket prices are not always the same. They vary depending on the zone of the stadium and the category (A, B, C and D). The highest prices (category A) are for games such as the ‘Derby’ between Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid. Whereas, matches listed as D, have the lowest prices.

The amount of tickets available to buy for every match is not too large, but the new system of “Servicio de Cesión de Abono” (Free seat) means that the amount of available seats is increasing: members who can not go to the stadium for a match give up their seat to the club, who put it on sale for that game.

You can buy your tickets for Atletico Madrid matches in the Vicente Calderon stadium by:

• Atletico Madrid General Ticket Office

• Phone, calling 902 530 500

• Servicaixa (website and offices)


Spain Tickets Online is an official agent of Atletico Madrid and we sell tickets for Vicente Calderon matches. The prices can sometimes be slightly higher, but they have the added convenience that they can be booked in advance, and that you can choose the area of ​​the stadium you want to sit in, and all of this in an easy and safe process. As well as tickets, they also sell packages (tickets + hotel stay). You can have your tickets delivered to your hotel free of charge, so you will not have to go out of your way to collect them.