Tour & Museum Malaga CF

Por el 1 February, 2016


Málaga CF has become one of La Liga trendy teams. In the last years it has become usual to see Malaga at the first positions of La Liga.

However, do we really know Malaga CF? Which has been the past of the team? Their victories? Their stadium?

You can get to know it all if you do the Museum & Tour Malaga CF.

Below you can see the tour route:

Discover the documents, objects and symbols of the club. Have a look to the video to get to know the club’s history.

Malaga CF has more than 100 years of history and you can prove this in this historical hall. Sing the Malaga CF anthem!

You will see all La Rosaleda Stadium below you.

This is the place where the new Malaga stars are presented in front of the fans.

Here you can see the T-shirts of the main teams which have played at La Rosaleda.

Audiovisual documentary and model of La Rosaleda.

Where the players get ready for the matches. You will feel as a Malaga player!

Impossible to explain: it is the best part of the visit!

The last stop of the visit. Buy a La Rosaleda souvenir!

How to get to La Rosaleda Stadium?

Por el 27 September, 2012

La Rosaleda, Malaga C.F.’s Stadium is situated in the Paseo de los Martiricos, just next to Guadalmedina River, in Malaga.

The city of Malaga is one of the largest and most populated cities in Spain, but the different areas are well connected with La Rosaleda stadium both using public and private transportation.

In case you take public transport, the following buses are the ones that stop around La Rosaleda: 1, 2, 17, 26, 37 and C2.

Depending where you are, the bus ride takes more or less time, but usually the maximum is 30-35 minutes.

If you are in the main centre and you take private transportation, the ride does not take more than 15 minutes.


La Rosaleda Stadium – Main places in Malaga

La Rosaleda – La Alcazaba

Bus: 1, C1, 37 (20-25 minutes)

Car: less than 10 minutes


La Rosaleda – Castillo Gibralfaro

Bus: 1, 2, 37, C2 (30-40 minutes)

Car: about 10 minutes


La Rosaleda – Museo Picasso

Bus: 1, 2, 26, C1, 30 (15-20 minutes)

Coche: 10 minutes or less


La Rosaleda – Catedral

Bus: 1, 2, 17, 26, C2 (15-20 minutes)

Car: about 10 minutes


La Rosaleda – Plaza Obispo

Bus: 1, 2, 17, 26, C2 (15-20 minutes)

Car: about 10 minutes

La Rosaleda stadium

Por el 12 January, 2012


La Rosaleda has been the ‘home’ of Malaga CF for more than half a century (on the 13th of April it celebrated its 70th anniversary). It’s located on Paseo de Martiricos s/n in Malaga, just across the river Guadalhorce, and it’s well connected with the rest of the city by public transport (bus, mainly).

La Rosaleda was renovated in 2006 and nowadays is one of the most important stadiums in Spain both aesthetically and because of the activities that are held there.

The stadium of Malaga isn’t used just for the matches played by the club. The Spanish national team has played there a lot of times, and major tournaments and outstanding concerts have also been held there .

Seeing a Malaga C.F. match at La Rosaleda is, now more than ever, a wonderful experience, and the stadium renovations and activities,  as well as the matches, can make your memories even better.

You can visit the museum of Malaga and have a guided tour through the team premises to see the past and present of Malaga CF and of Spanish football in general. You can see the Presidential Box and the stands, go through the exciting La Rosaleda History Hall, see the visitors’ dressing room… And at the end of the tour, you can buy the kits of the players of the team or a souvenir of your visit to the stadium.

The general rate to see the museum and take the Rosaleda tour is 18 € for adults and 14 € for children under 18 years. There are reduced rates for members and shareholders, over 65s, families and groups.

Visit La Rosaleda stadium and book your tickets for Malaga matches now!