Circuit Catalunya

The Barcelona-Catalunya Circuit holds every season the Formula One Spain GP and the Catalunya GP of Moto GP. It is not exactly located in the city of Barcelona, but in Montmeló, a municipality just 30 km from the Catalan Capital City.

If you do not have any vehicle in Barcelona, or if you do not want to follow the long withholdings to arrive at the circuit, train is the best transport to take.

Which train do I have to take? Line 2 of RENFE (the Spanish Train Service).

In which stations in Barcelona can I take it? Sants, Passeig de Gràcia or Clot.

Which is the name of the arrival station? Montmeló.

Once you have got to the Montmeló Station just walk around 30 minutes to arrive at the Circuit de Catalunya.

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The Circuit de Catalunya (Montmeló, Barcelona) holds every year the Spain GP of Formula One and the Catalunya GP of Moto GP.

This circuit, also known as Circuit de Montmeló, has a capacity of 100.000 spectators and it is made up of 4 different areas (north, south, east and west), which each have various stands.

The Circuit de Catalunya is vey big and it has a lot of different stands and grandstands, so we will suggest the stands with the best views so that you will be able to see the races more comfortably:

-          Main Covered High

This is the best stand of the circuit. Located just in front of the main straight, it offers the best views of the grid and the finish of the races, the boxes and of the podium and the celebrations. Moreover, it also offers a magnificent view of the last turn (16). If you sit in this tribune you will see everything that happens in the races from above.

-          Tribune A

This is the perfect tribune for people who love motor vehicles. It is strategically situated to see the incredible braking of the F1 at the end of the main straight. This tribune also offers the best view to see the entrance of the drivers in the first turn of the Circuit.

-          Tribune B

This is one of the best grandstands for those who enjoy the turns and braking of the vehicles at the bends. The Stand B is situated in front of the first turns of the circuit.

-          General Admission

This is the best stand if you like to enjoy the race seated in the liveliest grandstands with the cheapest prices. It is situated beside two turns and it offers a magnificent view of the overtaking and acceleration of the F1 cars and motos.


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The Circuit de Catalunya is located in the town of Montmeló, just over 30 km from Barcelona.

From Barcelona, accessing the Circuit de Catalunya is easy. You can get to it using several means of transport:

-          CAR / OWN VEHICLE

Access from two different roads:

Highway C-17: Exit ‘Montmeló’
AP-7 (toll road): Exits 13, 14 and 15

-          TRAIN (RENFE)

Line 2. Barcelona – Maçanet Massanes (Available service every 30 minutes).

Departure stations (in Barcelona): ‘Estació de Sants’, ‘Passeig de Gràcia’ and ‘Clot’ stations.

Arrival Station: Montmeló station.

From the station the Circuit de Catalunya is about 30 minutes away.


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