Where is MotorLand Aragon?

Por el 14 October, 2011

Source: motorland.com.es

The new MotorLand circuit is located in Alcañiz, a town just outside of Teruel (Aragon, Spain).

See the location of MotorLand Aragon in a general map (all Spain)

See the location of MotorLand Aragon in a territorial map (Alcañiz and surrounding area)


Motorland Aragon was opened in 2010 for Moto GP races with a great success. The circuit of Alcañiz won the award for the best Grand Prix of the year by IRTA and all the drivers liked it. It is 5,077 m. of length and it has 17 turns. Despite MotorLand is very new, Alcañiz hosted motor competitions for many years, until 2003, in an urban circuit.


If you want to see the best drivers racing in one of the newest and most spectacular championship’s circuit, Aragon GP is the race you should see live!