What you are seeing below is like seeing gold but in football: a FC Barcelona match ticket. If you get one of these tickets (you can book them at our website) you will enjoy an unforgettable day at the Camp Nou. But, wait! Barça’s stadium is very big: it has capacity for 100.000 spectators, so we’ll help you to find your seat easily.

To get started, take your tickets before going to the Camp Nou and keep them safe in order to avoid any trouble once you arrive at the stadium.

Once you have reached the Camp Nou, take your ticket and look for the written access number (“ACCÉS” in Catalan). The access numbers are indicated on vertical panels around the entire stadium: go to yours. There, show the ticket (but do not validate it yet).

Once you got inside the grounds of the Camp Nou, look for your gate’s number (see “PORTA”, in your ticket) and go through it. You’ll validate your ticket there.

You are in the stadium of Barça, and you’ll reach a corridor with entrances to the seats. Look for the section where you have to go (the number is specified in “BOCA”).

At the entrance of each section (“BOCA”) there are stairs with seats in the sides. See your seat number (“SEIENT”) and depending on if it is even nor odd, you have to go one side or the other.

Once you’ve reached the section, see in “FILA” the row in which your seat is situated.

When you’ve found your row, look at your seat (“SEIENT”) again, seat down on it and enjoy a spectacular match!