Iberostar Estadi

Por el 3 April, 2012

Source: bermellones.com

Iberostar Estadi has been the ‘home’ of RCD Mallorca since 1999. It is located in Camí dels Reis s/n of Palma, in the industrial zone Can Valero, 3km from the city center and 13km from Palma de Mallorca Airport.

Since the year it was founded until 2006, the stadium’s name was Son Moix ( it often still goes by this name), but two advertising deals have meant that it changed its name first to Ono Estadi (2006-2010), and then to Iberostar Estadi.

If you haven’t yet seen a Real Mallorca match at the Iberostar Estadi, book your tickets and take a trip to the island to see one live: the players, the grand stands of the stadium and all the Mallorca fans will not disappoint you! But this isn’t all you can do at Mallorca stadium; you can also discover the history of the club and see the interior of the stadium by doing the Tour Iberostar Stadium.

If you take the Tour through the Son Moix stadium you will visit the Presidential Box, the press room, the visitors’ dressing room, you will see the trophies of the club… And at the end of the tour you can touch the grass of the pitch.

It is not expensive to do the Tour Iberostar Stadium: 6 € for non-residents, 5 € for residents, 4 € for kids, 3 € for the club’s partners and free for members of the Fundació Reial Mallorca.

Now you know how to enjoy your visit to the Iberostar Estadi without missing a single detail, so don’t waste any more time and buy your RCD Mallorca tickets!