Santiago Bernabeu Tour

Por el 5 February, 2015


The Santiago Bernabeu Stadium offers as one of their best attractions the Santiago Bernabeu Tour. After being refurbished in 2014, the club decided to offer a visual spectacle as a tour, never seen before in the tours in other stadiums. The Santiago Bernabeu Tour has as its main space a room of 1,000 metres where the visitant can get to know the history of the club and to take part in this experience.

Besides the audiovisual staff, the Tour Santiago Bernabeu visitants can also discover the dressing rooms, the dressing room tunnel and even the grass of the Real Madrid Stadium.

Route: Trophy Room, panoramic view of the stadium, dressing room, dressing room tunnel.



Open year-round except for 25 December and 1 January

Non-match days

Monday to Saturday: 10:00 – 19:30

Sundays and holidays: 10:30 – 18:30

(For organizational purposes the route of the Tour and its schedule may vary. Visitors will be advised prior to accessing the stadium)

Match days

Tour open up to 5 hours prior to kick-off  (no dressing room access) and until 3 hours before kick-off, it will only be possible to visit Best Club in, the Trophy Exhibition and the Panoramic View of the Stadium.

When are La Liga matches played?

Por el 20 July, 2012


The Liga de Fútbol Profesional (LFP) publish every year the fixtures for La Liga in the middle of July. From that day we know which teams will face each other in every match of the league and also the week and the stadium in which the matches will take place. However, the exact day and hour of the matches are fixed just a week or so before the match because of television agreements.

La Liga matches are played on:

-          Weekends (usually): Saturday, Sunday and one match on Monday.

-          Weekdays (sometimes): Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

The teams that compete in European tournaments usually play La Liga matches on the weekend and not on Mondays. Barcelona and Real Madrid are two of these teams.

The times at which the matches take place vary depending on the season or the period of the league, but they are similar every year. La Liga 2011-2012 match times were these:


6 pm

8 pm

10 pm


12 am

6 pm

7 / 8 pm

9.30 pm


9 pm


The weekend (or the weekday) on which the matches are due to be played is fixed in the middle of July and it is not usually modified except if there are weather problems, matches of other competitions or other causes that make it impossible to play the match. The date of the delayed match will then be published several weeks before its takes place.


Enjoy the Bernabeu Tour!

Por el 20 June, 2012


Would you like to visit all the hidden corners of the Santiago Bernabeu? Would you like to discover the best moments of Real Madrid’s history? You can do just this: book your Tour Bernabeu tickets!

The Bernabeu Tour visit includes different parts.

The first part of the tour is the panoramic view of the stadium. You will take one of the 8 panoramic lifts of the Santiago Bernabeu and you will see it from the top.

Then you will visit the trophy room, in which you will see all the cups won by the best club of the XXth century. Moreover, you will see images of the best moments and the historical kits of the club.

Then you will walk around the pitch, where you will be able to see just how spectacular the stadium is from the ground.

The next part is the visit to the Presidential Balcony, the place in which every match the authorities and the special guests sit.

After this you will reach the player’s tunnel, benches and coaching area, in which you will feel like a Real Madrid staff member.

The next stage is the visit to the visitor’s dressing room. Santiago Bernabeu’s dressing rooms are one of the most modern in the world. You will feel there the same emotion as the players do before the matches.

Then you will get to the press room, where players and coaches talk after the matches.

At the end of the tour you will arrive at the store, in which you will be able to buy any Real Madrid object you want.

If you are excited just reading, imagine experiencing it: buy now your tickets for the Tour Bernabeu!



The Santiago Bernabéu stadium is located in the Avenida Concha Espina s/n, beside Paseo de la Castellana, in the neighborhood of Chamartín, in Madrid.

Getting to the Santiago Bernabeu is easy using both public and private transport. However, there is usually congestion in the area surrounding the stadium, and even more so the days on which Real Madrid are playing a match, so it is much more comfortable to get to the Santiago Bernabeu by public transport: metro or bus.

The nearest metro station to the stadium of Real Madrid is “Santiago Bernabéu station” (line 10), which has the following exits near to the stadium:

-          Plaza de Lima

-          Paseo de la Castellana (central boulevard, 136)

-          Paseo de la Castellana (central boulevard, 103)

-          Paseo de la Castellana (right in front of the stadium)

If you would rather get to the Santiago Bernabéu by bus you can take the lines 14, 27, 40, 43, 120, 147 and 150.

Enjoy your Santiago Bernabéu visit!


FC Barcelona and their fans are known as “cules”; RCD Espanyol as “periquitos”; Valencia as “ches”… And why are Real Madrid and their fans known as “merengues”?

The word “merengue” referring to Real Madrid was used for first time in the Spanish press in 1913, 11 years after the club was founded. Real Madrid’s shirt was already white at that time (although not the kit, like now) and that brought people to identify Real with the popular dessert “meringue” (made from whipped egg whites and sugar, which is totally white).

However, the name “merengue” in reference to Real Madrid became common when La Liga matches began to be broadcast on radio. At that time there was only one radio station in Spain, Radio Nacional de España, so every name used by the famous Spanish journalist Matías Prats (who commentated all matches) was very likely to become popular.

This was exactly what happened with Real Madrid. Matías Prats began to talk about Los Blancos as “merengues”, and from that moment on, Real Madrid would be for ever known by this name.

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-          Ibis C/ Valentín Beato (2*): recently built hotel located in the suburbs of Madrid, just 2.5 miles from Barajas Airport and 5.6 miles from the center of the Spanish capital. ‘Suanzes’ metro station is just a few minutes walking from the hotel.

All these hotels are also comfortably connected with the Santiago Bernabeu stadium, so if you stay in them you can enjoy a wonderful stay in Madrid, as well as a great match at the Bernabeu. Reserve now the package (tickets + hotel stay) of your choice!


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Where is the Santiago Bernabeu and how can you get to it? Real Madrid’s stadium is in the Paseo de la Castellana in the Chamartin district (Madrid) and is well connected with the rest of the city. You can get easily to the Santiago Bernabeu using metro or bus.

-          METRO

Line 10 (the dark blue line): ‘Santiago Bernabeu’ station. Line 5 coincides in some stations with other metro lines so getting to the Real Madrid’s stadium by metro is very easy.

If you’re in ‘Sol’, one of the most important places in Madrid, you should take the line 2 o 3 until ‘Plaza España’ or the line 1 until ‘Tribunal’, and then change to the line 10 and get off in ‘Santiago Bernabeu’ station. And if you’re in ‘Atocha’, another popular place, you should take also the line 1 until ‘Tribunal’ and then the line 10 until ‘Santiago Bernabeu’.

-          BUS

There are 7 different buses that go there.

Lines: 14, 27, 40, 43, 120, 147 and 150)


Enjoy your visit to the Santigao Bernabeu, you won’t forget it!