When are La Liga matches played?

Por el 20 July, 2012

Source: tribunalatina.com

The Liga de Fútbol Profesional (LFP) publish every year the fixtures for La Liga in the middle of July. From that day we know which teams will face each other in every match of the league and also the week and the stadium in which the matches will take place. However, the exact day and hour of the matches are fixed just a week or so before the match because of television agreements.

La Liga matches are played on:

-          Weekends (usually): Saturday, Sunday and one match on Monday.

-          Weekdays (sometimes): Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

The teams that compete in European tournaments usually play La Liga matches on the weekend and not on Mondays. Barcelona and Real Madrid are two of these teams.

The times at which the matches take place vary depending on the season or the period of the league, but they are similar every year. La Liga 2011-2012 match times were these:


6 pm

8 pm

10 pm


12 am

6 pm

7 / 8 pm

9.30 pm


9 pm


The weekend (or the weekday) on which the matches are due to be played is fixed in the middle of July and it is not usually modified except if there are weather problems, matches of other competitions or other causes that make it impossible to play the match. The date of the delayed match will then be published several weeks before its takes place.


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