Seeing a Barça match at the Camp Nou is a unique, but unfortunately brief, experience. Therefore, we will give you some tips to help you not to waste any time in your visit to the largest stadium in Europe.

The Nou Camp is open every day of the year (except on the 1st and 6th of January and 25th December) so you can visit the stadium and see the incredible Museum of FC Barcelona. Do the Tour Camp Nou (a tour through the stadium + visit to the museum) or, even better, the Camp Nou Experience (which also includes seeing the new media section of the Camp Nou) and discover the stadium and the history of FC Barcelona. The schedule is Monday to Saturday from 10am to 6.30pm and Sundays from 10am to 14.30pm. Price for adults: 22 €.

Before the match starts, don’t waste too much time looking for your seat. First, find the access door you have written on your ticket (‘ACESS’, in Catalan). Once there, you’ll enter the grounds of Camp Nou. Then you must find the door (‘PORTA’) specified on the ticket. There you’ll have to validate the ticket in a machine (using the barcode). Once you’ve done this, look for the section where you should go, the number being specified on your ticket (‘BOCA’). Then you’ll see the pitch and among the rows there are stairs which you must use to find your seat. To the left and right of the stairs are the seats, and you’ll see that on one side are the even rows (in one row are the seats 20, then 22, then 24 …) and on the other side of the stairs the odd ones (19, 21, 23 …) … Go to the row specified on your ticket (‘FILA’) and then look for the seat specified on your ticket (‘SEIENT’) and you’ll be able to sit on it.

How to reach the Camp Nou? You can take your car, but we recommend taking public transport so you won’t have to look for parking place for your car (a difficult task). You can arrive at the Barça’s stadium by metro, bus or railway. If you go by moto, parking it isn’t a problem because you can put up it around the stadium (however, it’s forbidden to bring your helmet into the Camp Nou).

You should know also that  you can bring food to FC Barcelona’s stadium, but it’s banned to bring cans and bottles with lids.

Now you have some tips to take advantage of your visit to the Camp Nou, so now the only thing left is to book your tickets and enjoy them!