Why is Barça ‘més que un club’?

Por el 10 February, 2012

Source: blaugranas.com

Probably you have heard or read that FC Barcelona is ‘més que un club’ and still you don’t know why. Let us explain it to you.

The quote ‘més que un club’ (more than a club) was used for the first time in 1968 by Narcís Serra the day he became the president of Barça. He said he had not just arrived to a football club, because Barça was more than that: ‘Barça is a feeling that all ‘culés’ love, he said.

A few years later, Agustí Montal, who in 1973 was one of the candidates to be Barça’s president, used this quote as his electoral campaign slogan. The ‘més que un club’ slogan was liked so much by Barcelona fans that it became the club’s slogan.

 ‘Més que un club’ started to be used officially during Franco’s dictatorship, but it has been ingrained in Barça since its creation, thanks to its founder, the Swiss Hans Gamper. ‘Més que un club’ was first used just because Barça is a club that defends the Catalan language and catalanism, and then also because of the opposition of the club to the dictatorship.

Now that the club is much ‘bigger’, ‘més que un club’ means that FC Barcelona is the representative of Catalonia in the world but also of many more things. Barça is more than a club because the club has a lot of different sport sections, because it has the ‘AND Barça’ (Barcelona’s essence), and because of its great humanitarian actions, which reached their high point when the club formalized the agreement with UNICEF.

As you can see, Barça, besides being a very good football and other sports team, do other things that make it even ‘bigger’, that make the club ‘més que un club’.


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